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Confined Space Courses

Confined Space Supervisor, Attendant/Hole Watch and Entrant 16 hour Course Description

Prerequisite: None

This 16 hour course meets the requirements of OSHA 29CFR 1910.146. This course is an in depth course and upon completion of the course students will be competent persons as confined space supervisor, attendant/hole watch and entrant. Students will be required to fill out permits make a space safe for entry and enter a simulated space and participate as a supervisor, attendant/hole watch and entrant. Hands on activities are required.

Skills: Students will understand employer requirements, permits, roles and responsibilities, air monitoring, ventilation and ventilation techniques, fall protection, basic toxicology, hazards assessment and mitigation, lockout tagout, blinding, blocking and blanking, PPE, equipment selection, self rescue, non-entry rescue and basic entry rescue. 


Confined Space Rescue Technician (CSRT) Course Description

Prerequisite: None.

This 50-hour comprehensive course prepares the industrial emergency response team members and municipal first responders to safely manage a confined space rescue incident. Our Confined Space Rescue Technician Course meets NFPA 1006 and OSHA 1910.146 standards. Our class provides the knowledge and practical skills necessary to safely respond to a confined space emergency. Confined Spaces are the leading cause of multiple fatalities in the workplace. 60% of Confined Space fatalities are the “would be rescuer”. This 50 hour course covers the skills necessary to facilitate a safe and effective rescue In addition to Confined Space Technician students will meet OSHA 1910.146 as competent Entry Supervisor, Attendant/Hole Watch and Entrant. Other Standards covered in class are OSHA 1910.134, 1910.120 and how they relate to 1910.146 and why they are important.

Skills: Roles and responsibility of Entry Supervisor, Attendant/Hole Watch and Entrant. Self-rescue, non-entry rescue and entry rescue. Confined space permits, understanding hazardous materials. Rescue vs. Recovery, emotion over intellect, rescuer safety; team evaluation; pre-planning; ventilation, supplied air breathing systems; SCBAs, atmospheric monitoring; communications systems, personal protective equipment; patient packaging and recovery; tripods and improvised anchor points; lock-out, tag-out, blinding, blocking and blanking; lowering raising systems for confined space entry and rescue, and more. Realistic hands-on scenarios on our six-story Rescue Training Center allow the student to be a competent rescuer. 

Class size is limited to 12 in order to ensure small student-to-instructor ratio for maximum, hands-on learning for the students. 


Confined Space Rescue Technician Rescue Refreshers Course Description

Prerequisite: Confined Space Rescue Technician

OSHA 1910.146 requires rescue teams to perform simulated rescues in representative spaces annually and require the Confined Space Rescue team to be proficient. We provide rescue refresher classes to maintain your team’s proficiency. These rescue refreshers are scenario based rescues and are designed toward your representative spaces. This meets the OSHA 1910.146 for the annual rescue and by using our 6 story Rescue Training Laboratory provides a safe clean environment to conduct these rescue scenarios. We recommend quarterly refreshers as the OSHA standard is the minimum and find that annual rescue simulations are not enough to keep teams proficient.

Class Size is limited to 12 in order to ensure small student to instructor ratio for maximum learning and hands on for the students.