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Confined Space

Confined Space Entry and Rescue Training, 16 hours

With the confined space simulator your employees are not only trained to comply with OSHA but also learn how to use all of the equipment via hands-on training to practice in a safe confined space before entering your actual areas.

  • Training covers 1910.146 for general industry and 1926 construction.
  • The 16-hour class covers the OSHA regulations in detail along with all the equipment used in a typical entry, permitting process, and rescue operations are explained and demonstrated with students. Hands-on participation is required. Scenarios are practiced and discussed in detail. 
  • Each student receives a certificate of completion.
  • Training can also be performed onsite in an actual tank, pit, vault or silo on your site if it is deemed safe by the instructors.

Confined Space Rescue Basic Refresher, 8 hours

These courses offer a comprehensive review of the regulatory requirements and field techniques necessary to efficiently and proficiently perform the duties of a Confined Space Rescue Team. Students must have completed an initial course to participate in these refreshers classes. The class includes topics such as:

  • Brief review of characteristics of confined spaces
  • Brief overview of OSHA 1910.146/7
  • Brief review of responder’s responsibilities
  • Brief review of ventilation
  • Brief review of lock-out/tag-out
  • Brief overview of respiratory protection requirements
  • Basic rope review
  • Simulated practical confined space rescue drill

OSHA Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training, 8 hours

During this eight-hour program, participants learn the proper procedures for entering a Permit-Required Confined Space. Each participant will be able to function in Confined Space Operations as an Entrant, Attendant or Entry Supervisor. This Confined Space Training course combines classroom instruction and practical application in actual Permit Spaces using the appropriate personal protective equipment, air monitors and ventilation.

HazMat Solutions emphasizes safety and non-entry rescue. A mobile Confined Space Simulator is available for onsite training. During Confined Space Training, each participant conducts vertical and horizontal entries using a tripod and various types of retrieval systems. Basic mechanical rope rigging systems will also be designed for entries where tripods are not an option. All instructions given to your personnel adhere to current OSHA regulatory compliance.