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Welding & Metal Fabrication - Pryor

Individuals who are skilled in welding will find career opportunities in several occupational areas. In this program students learn the skills necessary to get a good-paying job in the industrial, construction or agricultural fields. The Welding Certification Test will be given on campus to qualifying students as part of the course curriculum.

Who Can Enroll?

High School Juniors and Seniors and adults

Financial Aid & College Credit Available

Certifications/Licenses Available:

American Welding Society (AWS)

Available Career Majors

Pipe Welder
SMAW Pipe Welder
GMAW Pipe Welder
GTAW Structural Welder
FCAW Structural Welder
Metal Fabrication Technology
Structural Welder
SMAW Structural Welder
SMAW Structural Welder / Cutting Technician
GMAW Structural Welder
Cutting Processes Technician
Welding & Metal Fabrication Workforce Transition

Student Organization

Skills USA - $15


Textbook: To be determined