MANDATORY Prospective Student Orientation and Financial Aid Information - Online Version

Instructions for viewing PowerPoint
Please review the PowerPoint to learn more about the PN program at Northeast Tech.  There are also files available to download to explain how the program works and what is required to enter the program.
When you click on the PowerPoint, it will have to download. Once it finishes downloading, you can click on "View Slideshow" and it should begin the audio PowerPoint.  After the first slide discussion finishes, you may have to click on the slide to get it to move forward.  If you have difficulty or cannot download the PowerPoint, please email the PN Director, Janet Trimble, [email protected] for assistance.
In-person orientation sessions have been suspended until further notice. There is an audio PowerPoint of the orientation session located above that you must watch if you are applying at Northeast Tech.
Please note, HESI A2 entrance exams have resumed through the Adult Education departments on each campus.  Please contact Adult Ed to schedule your HESI A2 entrance exam.
Applications can be dropped off at the campus of your choice.