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Practical Nursing

Opportunities for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) are abundant and projected to grow. The LPN works under the supervision or direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician or dentist. The Practical Nursing program at Northeast Tech prepares students for this rewarding field. This 1463-hour program is open only to those individuals who hold a high school diploma or GED. The program must be completed in 12 months and blends classroom, laboratory skills, and simulation with actual on-the-job experience in clinical settings.


Students will learn the scope of practice and the roles of the LPN, which include 1) contributing to the assessment of the health status of individuals and groups, 2) participating in the development and modification of the plan of care, 3) implementing and documenting the appropriate aspects of the plan of care while providing safe and effective direct and/or indirect nursing care, 4) participating in the evaluation of patients’ responses to interventions, 5) continued self-development, 6) delegating such tasks as may safely be performed by others, consistent with educational preparation and that do not conflict with the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act, and 7) developing the awareness of how LPNs, as professionals, can have a voice in health care change.


Individuals who successfully complete the program will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for licensure after approval through the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.