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Truck Driver Training

Truck drivers are one of the most in-demand workers in Oklahoma and earn an average starting salary of $43,000 - $65,000. That's why Northeast Tech is partnering with Central Tech to bring Truck Driver Training to our Afton Campus. The training has a 98% job placement rate and offers more than 44 hours of drive time. Plus, it allows you to be on the job in only 23 days!
Commercial Driver's License Prerequisites
Cost: $500 includes
• Classroom coursework
• Driving lessons
• DOT Physical
• License fees for CDL test and three-part written test (Combination Vehicle, Air Brakes and General Knowledge)
Time: Complete program in 5 days attending class 4 - 8 pm, Monday - Friday
To enroll in the prerequisite classes at Northeast Tech, complete our online interest form. Call (918) 257-8324 for more information.
Commercial Driver's License Program
Cost: $4,300 includes tuition, books, supplies and drug test (Federal Law prohibits CDL drivers from obtaining a Medical Marijuana License)
Time: Complete program in 23 days attending class 8 am - 4 pm, Monday-Friday
Once your prerequisite courses are complete, apply online to enroll in the truck driver training program. Call (918) 352-7316 for more information. 
Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.