Pryor Campus Staff

Pryor Campus Main Number: (918) 825-5555

Name/Email Link Title Phone Ext.
Rick Antle Adult Education Evening Supervisor 2150
Bobbie Back Math Instructor 2169
Jeff Bain Custodian  2144
Thomas Ballard Bus Driver 2104
Tricia Barnette Culinarian 2124
Larry Beck Bus Driver 2104
Josh Berg Student Advisor 2118
Robin Blair Campus Police Officer 2139
Shelly Blaylock Practical Nursing Instructor 2164
Cheryl Bracken Custodian / Bus Driver 2144
Jesse Carney Maintenance Supervisor 2144
Craig Cooper Welding & Metal Fabrication Instructor 2137
Marc Cox Custodian  2144
Ray Darnell Automotive Collision Repair Technology Instructor 2136
Rodney Darnell Electrical Technology Instructor 2133
Wesley Dennis Maintenance 2144
Darren DeVore Custodian / Bus Driver 2144
Daniel Eubanks Maintenance 2144
Jeff Faulconer Visual Communications Instructor 2166
Jeff Floyd Electrical Lineman Program Coordinator/Trainer 2143
William Foote Bus Driver 2104
Robin Haff Practical Nursing Instructor 2163
Robin Haley Health Careers Instructor  2145
Krista Hamilton Health Careers Instructor 2122
Eillee Hatfield Culinarian 2124
Toni Heflin Administrative Assistant / Student Services 2107
Robin Hendricks Administrative Assistant to Campus Director 2111
Debbie Hendrix Health Careers Instructor 2146
Paul Hocutt Campus Director / Assistant Superintendent 2116
Billy Kern Custodian 2144
Hollie Ketcher Receptionist / Administrative Assistant 2100
Jeff Macdonald Information Technology Specialist 2117
Danny Morrison Culinary Arts Instructor 2123 
Ruth Miller Evening Practical Nursing Instructor 2161
Willie Ng Director of Adult Ed 2148
Kate Nickel Adult Education Administrative Assistant  2159
Taylar Odle Student Advisor 2115
Jonna Padgett Adult Education Evening Administrative Assistant 2165
Tim Palmer Foundations of Construction Instructor 2132
Trent Peper Diesel & Heavy Equipment Repair Instructor 2134
Teresa Pruitt Lead Culinarian 2124
Debbie Qualls Cosmetology Instructor 2168
Cameron Rackley Bus Driver 2104
Julie Rampey Academic Resource Center Instructor 2119
Riley Reed  Welding Instructor 2131
Virginia Reed Administrative Assistant/Inventory & Purchasing 2125
Johnny Rhoden Bus Driver 2104
Alex Schmidt Automotive Service Technology Instructor 2135
Doug Smith Bus Driver 2104
Jennifer Smith Activity Fund Account Manager 2154
Darlia Stimson Administrative Assistant/Bursar & Financial Aid 2105
Fred Stimson Bus Driver 2104
Sarah Thompson Administrative Assistant/Practical Nursing 2158
Sandra Walters Adult Education Administrative Assistant 2149
Floyd Ware Custodian 2144
Eva Woolman Teacher Prep Instructor  2112