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Industrial Maintenance Apprenticeship Program

This program, a partnership between Northeast Tech and MidAmerica Industrial Park, allows industrial partners to participate in the apprenticeship consortium. The Industrial Maintenance Registered Apprenticeship Program combines classroom and on-the-job training to provide participants the opportunity to become competent professionals in the field of industrial maintenance while continuing to be productive employees for our industry partners. Northeast Tech is seeking candidates for Northeast Tech's Industrial Maintenance Apprenticeship program. Manufacturing experience is required.
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Northeast Tech is an equal opportunity employer.
This two-year program consists of 308 hours of classroom training and 2000 hours of on-the-job training. The coursework includes:
First Semester
AC/DC (24 hours)
Mechanical Drive Systems I & Laser Alignment (36 hours)
Second Semester
Basic Hydraulics (24 hours)
Ladder Logic & Motor Controls I (48 hours)
Basic Pneumatics (20 hours)
Third Semester
Mechanical Drive Systems II (28 hours)
Mechanical Controls II (40 hours)
Fourth Semester
Industrial Hydraulics (24 hours)
Industrial Pneumatics (20 hours)
Programmable Logic Controls (48 hours)
$5,900 per student for the entire program