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Afton Campus Staff

Afton Campus Main Numbers: (918) 257-8324. 

Name/Email Link Title Phone Ext.
Kenneth Barton Custodian/Bus Driver 1010
John Bieloh Culinary Arts Instructor 1060
Darrell Botts Bus Driver 1010
Laura Bryant Health Careers Instructor 1043
Leanne Bullard Administrative Assistant to the Campus Director 1016
Carl Byers Custodian 1041
Melanie Carnes Instructional Services Coordinator  1000
Kristal Chenoweth Health Careers Instructor 1008
Patty Cline Administrative Assistant 1000
Teresa Colby, MS, RN Practical Nursing Instructor 1050
Tony Cordray Industrial Coordinator 1003
Jessica Davenport Cosmetology Instructor 1038
Anne Davis Culinarian 1025
Beau Ettestad Visual Communications Instructor 1062
Shelley Fairres Lead Culinarian / Consultant 1001
Michelle Ferranti Academic Resource Center Instructor 1058
Keith Fichtner Bus Driver 1010
Travis Fields
Marine Power Technology Instructor 1019
Lisa Frisbie Health Careers Instructor 1044
Tobie Gatewood Student Advisor 1012
Keith Glenn Electrical Technology Instructor 1028
Jamie Greer, BSN, RN Practical Nursing Instructor 1049
Diane Hampton Student Advisor 1056
Josh Hanshaw Automotive Collision Repair Technology Instructor 1020
Frank Hecksher Adult Education Director 1063
DeMaris Helmick Practical Nursing Administrative Assistant 1048
Misty Henegar Financial Aid Administrative Assistant and Bursar 1015
Nathan Henthorn Safety Trainer 1066
Ravonda Higgins Assistant Superintendent/Campus Director Elect 1045
Paul Hockenbrock Information Technology Specialist 1029
Randall Isaacs Bus Driver 1010
Rebekah King-Moore Business Development Trainer 1034
Mike Large Bus Driver 1010
Chris Mammedaty Custodian / Bus Driver 1041
Roger Marrs Safety Coordinator/Trainer 1006
Matt Marsh Diesel & Heavy Equipment Repair Instructor 1027
Trishia Masterson STEM Academy Instructor 1007
Chad Murphy Maintenance 1041
Sarah Murphy Business & Industry Office Manager  
Mary Nelson Bus Driver 1010
Kate Nickel Adult Education Administrative Assistant 1059
Lea Ann Patterson Adult Education Administrative Assistant 1055
David Perry Bus Driver 1010
Jenean Perryman Assistant Adult Ed Coordinator 1046
Bill Propp Bus Driver 1010
Jeremy Radebaugh STEM Academy and Math Instructor 1064
Bill Richardson Bus Driver 1010
Michelle Shackelford Administrative Assistant 1017
John Shaw Maintenance 1041
John Sherman Police Chief 1068
Dr. Curtis Shumaker Campus Director / Assistant Superintendent 1011
Clint Siegrist Construction Trades Instructor 1024
Doug Testerman Maintenance Supervisor 1041
Nicole Tye Activity Fund Account Manager 1014
Donna Victor Foundations of Hospitality Instructor 1037
Shirley Ward Culinarian 1030
Earlene White Visual Communications Instructor 1040
Wesley Wilmoth Maintenance 1041
Corey Winesburg Welding Technology Instructor 1042
Dennis Wolfe Custodian 1041
Jerry Wyrick Bus Driver 1010